Day 41 – Freddie Mercury House

Freddie Mercury House Zanzibar

Well friends my beach days seem to have come to an end for now, so this morning I decide to walk down to the water getting the lovely, and I have to add very clean, white sand between my toes one last time before I return to the mainland. I whisper my goodbyes to the beautiful ocean and the already moderate breeze carries them off to inform the rest of the island that “Mr Cheetah”, “The White Peddalling Lion”, good old “Jaybo” is off for good. For a moment I thought I felt a tear drop from the heavens as a sign of Zanzibar’s lamentation, and then as if in celebration the clouds parted and the sun shone across the beach, very funny I thought to myself, im sure if Paje could talk I would have heard a simultaneous “hooray!” but thankfully it remained mute.  Putting down my middle finger I strolled back for my last Teddys breakfast and then made my way to the Dala Dala bus stop.

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