Day 42 – My Beloved Bicycle

In my dreams my beloved bicycle has been alone for a week. I had my alarm set for 6am this morning due to my early departure from Dar back to Iringa but my body was already on top of it as my eyes automatically opened not long after 5am, a few minutes of struggling to go back to sleep followed before I decided to instead slowly assemble my belongings and ready myself for another long day spent in a bus. I realised my dream was real. I was pretty excited to be getting back to my beloved bike though and told myself that I wouldn’t leave the poor girl for this long ever again. She must be angry at me for leaving without a definite time or date of my return?  Sorry sweetheart I’ll not do it again!

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Day 32 – Alizeti Hostel Iringa

First night wild camping between Dodoma and Iringa

I woke up in the twilight today the sun still not quite up and guess what I had a peaceful animal free night with barely the twitter of a bird to disturb the silence.  The ground was a little hard though and it might take a night or two more for my body to get used to wild camping again. But I feel good and get to watch the sunrise as I pack up my gear. While I’m packing up I remember that I’ve had a recommendation for tonights stopover from Josh – The Alizeti Hostel Iringa.

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