Day 44 – Bouyant James, Broken Bicycle

Smooth cycling tarmac - Tanzaniaa

It was still dark when I decided to pack up, 5:30am maybe, I had an uncomfortable first half of the night from 7pm until midnight, the floor was quite lumpy but I slept well during the second period and woke feeling energised and ready to get a few more miles done than I did yesterday.  I had managed 85 miles out of the 260 miles required to reach the border and was confident that today would produce easily as many leaving a slightly shorter ride tomorrow.  My three day plan from Iringa to Malawi seemed to be a reasonable judgement, so let’s just hope there are no extra spanners flying around that could get caught up in the works, but I suppose there is always time for an unforeseeable problem no matter how plain the sailing appears to be.

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Day 43 – 460km to Malawi

I had a great sleep last night and woke a little later than expected but still earlier than my other room mates, so in a similar fashion to last time I was here I took all of my stuff to the kitchen and began to arrange my bags so as not to disturb the rest of the guests. It’s best for me to leave early today as I’ve got a fair distance to cover to get in to the next country – 460km to Malawi. I waited for a little while thinking that Marley (the hostel attendant) might show up but by 8:30am he didn’t show up so I decided to leave the money for the room under a cup on the table with a short note of thanks and headed out.

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Day 42 – My Beloved Bicycle

In my dreams my beloved bicycle has been alone for a week. I had my alarm set for 6am this morning due to my early departure from Dar back to Iringa but my body was already on top of it as my eyes automatically opened not long after 5am, a few minutes of struggling to go back to sleep followed before I decided to instead slowly assemble my belongings and ready myself for another long day spent in a bus. I realised my dream was real. I was pretty excited to be getting back to my beloved bike though and told myself that I wouldn’t leave the poor girl for this long ever again. She must be angry at me for leaving without a definite time or date of my return?  Sorry sweetheart I’ll not do it again!

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Day 41 – Freddie Mercury House

Freddie Mercury House Zanzibar

Well friends my beach days seem to have come to an end for now, so this morning I decide to walk down to the water getting the lovely, and I have to add very clean, white sand between my toes one last time before I return to the mainland. I whisper my goodbyes to the beautiful ocean and the already moderate breeze carries them off to inform the rest of the island that “Mr Cheetah”, “The White Peddalling Lion”, good old “Jaybo” is off for good. For a moment I thought I felt a tear drop from the heavens as a sign of Zanzibar’s lamentation, and then as if in celebration the clouds parted and the sun shone across the beach, very funny I thought to myself, im sure if Paje could talk I would have heard a simultaneous “hooray!” but thankfully it remained mute.  Putting down my middle finger I strolled back for my last Teddys breakfast and then made my way to the Dala Dala bus stop.

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Anker Power Port Solar (2 panels)

This is a great item in my option and when combined with my RavPower power bank I am yet to have any problems keeping my variety of devices charged. Considering I have repeatedly been out in the wild for weeks on end, with no other means of powering up my devices, this Anker Power Port Solar panel system with a power bank means I’ve always got a plantiful supply of power for my often crucial devices (GPS comes to mind). It’s a damn good option in my opinion!

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