Day 46 – Malawi Headwind

Lake Malawi from the road

I rose in the darkness yet again, wanting to get on my way without being spotted by the owners of the land, but also keen on getting today’s quota of miles done and even hoped to have an early finish as I had a slightly shorter 110km day today.  I was heading for a town called Chitimba, home to the Hakuna Matata lodge, a place that Josh the cyclist, who I had met in Tanzania, had suggested to me.

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Day 45 – I Made it to Malawi

Best Sunrise so far - Tanzania

My mornings seem to be getting earlier and earlier and especially now that I have gotten into the swing of camping again so by 5am I’m am ready to start the slow if not slightly confused process of packing up my bags knowing that sleep will be hard to find from here on out.  Not I might add that I don’t feel tired but rather that my body has had its fill of tossing and turning on the uncomfortable ground and can stand it no longer so it would rather rise and get going than suffer any more discomfort. It’s not always uncomfortable I might add but just so far, I’m sure tonight I will find a lovely cushioned floor and will sleep as soundly as ever!

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