RavPower Ace 22,000mAh Power Bank

This is a great product and the second power bank of this brand that I have purchased.  I was extremely happy with the quality and performance of this product during my last trip and along with the Anker solar panel, that I will review in another post, I was able to keep my Garmin GPS, GoPro Hero2, and iPod touch 5th Gen powered up at all times. On my last adventure that lasted over a year, which at least 90% of it was spent in the wild with no conventional power outlet available, my 16,000mah RavPower power bank satisfied all of my requirements. Here are a few points to consider;

RavPower Ace-22000 Power Bank Review - One Man and a Bike
RavPower Ace-22000 Power Bank Review – One Man and a Bike Tech Reviews
  • I must say that the dimensions of the 16,000mAh were certainly pocket sized which is a little more convenient if you are intending to carry it around with you on a daily basis and are not someone who likes to take a bag? But the slightly larger (more oblong than square) RavPower Ace 22,000mAh Power Bank that I have now is a touch big for a pocket but still by no means a large device in my opinion. Seeing as it lives in my pannier bag the increased size is of no importance. RavPower devices also come with a cushioned mesh bag for a little extra protection.
  • You can trust the output of the RavPower products where as I have had cheaper alternatives in the past boasting 20,000mAh but after only one or two charges they were virtually empty. If a power bank is important for your adventure, as it certainly is for mine, I would advise spending just a little more and getting something of a good quality. You really will be glad when your in the middle of nowhere and need to power up your GPS to find your way back to civilisation. My last RavPower lasted 3-4 days charging ALL of my devices every night from a full charge, but the new 22,000mAh is yet to deplete completely so I’m not sure how long it will last from full to empty. A good 5-6 days as a guess. I would however recommend combining the power bank with a solar panel which is what I do, and generally after two to three days of use I connect my power bank to my solar panel leaving it on charge all day while I’m riding, normally a good 10 hours, and in the evening I find the power bank full every time which is as useful as it is awesome! It is possible that less charge time is required but I never check until I’m in my tent at the end of the day so I’m not really sure. Obviously a nice sunny day is also important for solar charging.
  • My current power bank has three 2.4 amp outlets which is perfect seeing as I have three devices that I need to charge but even with two outlets on my previous power bank that was fine because the GPS didn’t need charging every night where as the GoPro and iPod always did.

I would just like to add that the only reason I upgraded my old RavPower power bank was that it got stolen in Lima and I was forced to purchase a Phillips 10,000mAh which was the best I could find as a replacement but nothing compared to the RavPower device I was used to.

I should also add that these products are just a little weighty when compared to other (cheaper) power banks that I’ve had in the past, but by no means heavy and of course for the quality and performance the weight is of little importance to me.

Overall rating 9/10 Great product!

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