Anker Power Port Solar (2 panels)

This is a great item in my option and when combined with my RavPower power bank I am yet to have any problems keeping my variety of devices charged. Considering I have repeatedly been out in the wild for weeks on end, with no other means of powering up my devices, this Anker Power Port Solar panel system with a power bank means I’ve always got a plantiful supply of power for my often crucial devices (GPS comes to mind). It’s a damn good option in my opinion!

The Details

Size: The Anker Power Port Solar panel was a little larger than I had expected when it arrived in the post, but only when I compared it to the only other mobile solar device I had seen before – the completely useless “power monkey”. For my requirement – which is to charge my power bank while touring around the globe on my bicycle – the size and weight are perfect. It unfolds from quite a compact and thin size and spreads across the back of my pannier rack quite nicely.

Fastenings: There are several loops so that it can be fastened down (I use miniature bungie cords) and I regularly travel at speeds over 30mph. I’m talking downhill here people. I wish to go that fast on the flat but I’m no superman I’m afraid and have not lost the soalr panels off the back of my bike yet.  

USB: There are two usb slots to plug in to but as I say I only ever connect my PowerBank so one is enough for me. I do know that every night that I check my battery pack it’s always full so this product in my opinion is highly affective.

Charging: Obviously a sunny day is required to get the best charge but it even works on slightly overcast days and when you enter the shade on a good day providing a more constant than stop start charge that I hear other products will.


I should add though that during part of my last trip I was having trouble when I entered the complete darkness of a tunnel. When I exited I would often have to close the solar panel and reopen it before it decided to charge again. Not sure why this was, maybe because I had been using it almost daily for a year?  I am still however using it to good affect over two years later.

Overall rating 8.5/10 for me and an essential item in a touring cyclists equipment list.

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