GoPro Hero 6

Come on guys it’s a GoPro you know you need one it’s the best of its type, sure there are cheaper alternatives but it’s just not quite the same on playback is it?!  I’ve tried most of the small action cameras now and this brand and particularly this model has proven to be better in virtually all aspects.  The quality is great and fully adjustable if you want to maximise memory card space the auto stabilisation is something that for me is its best quality as I am often on bumpy roads and when I playback my footage it is often hardly noticeable. 

I’ve been rained on many times and without any protection at all it keeps working and unlike the older models I’ve had in the past this flat lens doesn’t hold onto that drip that ruins your shot. The voice commands are also a very handy addition and now I can just tell my GoPro to record and turn on and off without having to remove my hands from the handlebars which has almost been my demise on many an occasion.

Oh I’ve also got the app that connects the camera to my iPod which I have found handy to transfer photos to my device so I can post to social media and email my friends and family without the use of a computer which are distinctly lacking here in Africa. Very handy indeed!

It’s just good and I’m glad I’ve got one, everyone has their preferences but for me this is the one I would pick over all of its competitors.  

Ok I’m not saying that it doesn’t have its idiosyncrasies and sometimes it doesn’t want to turn off and you need to remove the battery, or perhaps when you’ve got the voice commands activated it will just suddenly turn on but like my grandma who is starting to loose it from time to time you learn to live around these little moments and overall you have love for them!  I have a relationship with this thing seeing as we are often in the middle of nowhere with nobody else to talk with so I’m happy to overlook its little issues as it often does in kind with me.  If you need an action camera this would come highly recommended by me.

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