Garmin Edge 1000 GPS

Well what can I say other than what a great product this has proven to be over the course of two cycling adventures, one of which I am still in the middle of, and the other that took me through 6 continents, 40 countries and over 400 days on the road! 

It’s difficult to know where to start seeing as there are so many features available with this product, half of which I have never used but I’ll give it my best shot…

It’s Waterproof

Well I suppose an important feature for me is that it’s fully waterproof and having survived countless rainy cycling days together that consisted of anything from a light downfall to torrential tropical storms and not just for a few minutes at a time either but for hour after hour with no electronic failures to date.  

Water resistance 10/10

Maps Included

I originally bought this product for a trip through Europe (that escalated into 403 days and 24,929 miles around the world) and on reading the specification discovered that it came with a comprehensive pre-loaded map of ALL of the European countries, so the need to update or install maps wasn’t required, Perfect!  When I entered Turkey from Bulgaria however as I had not added any additional maps manually, which is very easy but requires a PC, the device became a glorified thermometer and clock, which can only be put down to my negligence rather than the fault of the device.  It does however have a basic understanding of all major roads worldwide even without adding any additional maps yourself, which is a bit of an added bonus if you ask me and certainly helped me find my way a few times through the Middle East and Central Asia.  It wasn’t until I met a guy in Tajikistan with another Garmin product who was also riding and educated me that there were FREE downloadable maps online that were easily attainable.

From here on out I could add and delete additional maps as I passed through the remaining countries on my journey and found that at least 2-3 complete country maps could be added without deleting any of the pre-installed maps that it came with.

Maps 9/10 – and only because it can’t hold every country at once but that would require a huge storage capacity and i believe that the Edge 1000 is the leader in storage space when compared to other bicycle GPS’.

Battery Life

Depending on how you intend to use it the battery life can be rated anywhere from good to excellent.  At the start of my journey I was running the device all day and as I was regularly riding 10-12 hour days I found that towards the end of the day, perhaps the last hour or two, it would sometimes run out but not always.  Later in my trip I found that by only waking it up from sleep mode when I came to a point where I needed directing and then sending it back to sleep once I was firmly back on course the battery lasted for days.  Additionally sleep mode doesn’t seem to drain the power and more than if you turn it off completely and so I was happy to leave it in this state for the duration of my journey.

Battery 9/10 – I mean it doesn’t last forever so I can’t give it a 10.

Route Finder

Ok so here is probably the only downfall I encountered.  When I tried to use this feature, and it is possible that I didn’t set it up correctly as you have many parameters to set such as motorway avoidance, narrow lanes, etc.  I found that it would send me in odd tangents and quite often plan a long elaborate route when in many cases I could have just gone straight and arrived at my destination in half of the time.  I realised this idiosyncrasy a little later than an intelligent man would have and found myself going down muddy tracks, unpaved roads, and sometimes just diverted off of a road to one parallel only to return to the original road I had been riding on a few hundred metres further on, strange!  Once I was aware of the lack of sense when using this feature I stopped using it in the main, I did however find it handy when looking for accommodation in cities and larger towns with a complicated network of roads so it seemed as though when planning a route over a much shorter distance this feature was much more effective.

Routing 5/5 – I scored higher than you might expect because when you are in a city and just want to get to your hotel I was saved the trouble of looking and asking around time after time, and let’s face it in most places they don’t speak your language anyway which can be frustrating when your tired from a long ride.

Other Handy Stuff

It comes with a clock which is always handy and one that updates itself when you pass through time zones so you always know what time it is, great!

It has a temperature gauge so you can see just how hot it really is and now you will realise why the Tarmac is melting beneath your tyres.  Adjustable to Centigrade or Farenheight.

Screen brightness is adjustable, handy if you have super dark glasses like me and need it on maximum brightness.  Alternatively turn it down and save battery life.

It displays altitude which i liked when I was going over mountains and realised why I was suddenly short of breath.  Adjustable to feet or metres.

POI categories (Points Of Interest)

So when you don’t know where to stay or where that damn famous monument is, using this feature highlights many items such as; shopping, food & drink, fuel services (not that you need to refuel your bike), lodging, entertainment, recreation, attractions, transportation, and hospitals.

You can upload courses such as the Danube Cycle Trail which is the only time I actually used this feature but was invaluable when the signs disappeared and I didn’t know where to go next.

There’s more

There were features I didn’t use like timing your route, recording your route, and a personal trainer to see if you can beat your time as well as the option to add sensors, heart rate, speed, calories etc.

Must Mention

When I returned home after my 13 month ride around the world my Garmin had suffered some damage where I had managed to push sand down the side of the screen in a clumsy attempt to clean it (In the tent after a Peruvian sand storm).  The sand eventually worked its way under the screen, although everything still worked fine for the duration of my trip (an additional 7,000 miles) and I could see the screen lifting in various places.  Additional to this the rubberised power button came away but I think it was due to me applying to much force when switching it on and off.  Everything still worked fine but I think it’s important to mention, as is the AMAZING customer support when I arrived home.  I phoned up Garmin knowing that the warranty was out but only by a month and the customer service representative on the other end of the line was incredible, polite and professional m, and he said that seeing as it wasn’t long out of warranty that I could send it back and see what they could do.  A week or two later I received a package through the post which contained a brand new Garmin Edge 1000! Incredible service!

Overall Rating 9/10

I absolutely love this device and it’s saved me on many occasions and makes me feel safe wherever I am!

Use this link to buy yourself a Garmin Edge 1000 GPS

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