Brooks Flyer Aged

This is a clear favourite of mine and being that I am now fully certified as a bottom sore touring cyclist, having pedalled thousands upon thousands of miles over hundreds of hours in the saddle I am very happy with this famous Brooks product based on the flagship B17.  This one however is sprung for that extra bit of comfort when tackling rough bumpy terrain and as any touring cyclist will know its inevitable that at some point or another you will be forced, or perhaps even willingly, need to traverse the washboard, stone ridden, dirt tracks that other saddles would otherwise render your butt checks raw and tender to the touch!

Brooks Cambium C17

I actually rode the Brooks Cambium C17 Carved for 13 months around the world and although there were times that I struggled to let my sore behind touch the seat over time it proved to be pretty comfy. The build quality however was a bit of a let down as it started to fall apart after only the first week of my thirteen month trip but with perseverance and some improvised bodge tactics we made it home together but not without many moments of despair along the way.

Brooks Flyer Aged

The Brooks Flyer Aged however has proven to be more comfortable and so far yet to break in anyway. I’ve even scuffed up the leather a few times being a clumsy person by nature and after only a little time and when I remember to examine the damage its as if nothing ever happened, “And as if by magic the shopkeeper appears-to have given me a new saddle!”. The added bonus of this is also that it’s already partially broken in so your not required to ride it as long as the original Brooks B17 to get that super comfy ride and that is a saddle revered by so many in the long distance cycling game. In addition I haven’t even used the treatment cream that it comes with, I’m not saying that I’ve lost it but rather misplaced it, ahhhum! But as the description says it shouldn’t need treating anyway as this has already been carried out and so far mine looks and feels great. All in all I am very satisfied with this saddle and would recommend it to anyone. Be your ride long or short you will not be disappointed!

Overall rating 9/10

No saddle can score 10 as if you ride long enough it is inevitable that your bottom will start to ache and even the comfy sofa I’m sitting on now is starting to make me squirm a little but trust me when I say that I regularly ride consecutive 10hr plus days and this is as comfy as I’ve ever experienced. I must add that getting the right shorts helps too, no pockets at the back just smooth material and your bottom will stay as soft and supple as a baby’s!

Brooks Flyer Aged - My comfy bum says thanks Brooks!
9/10 for this excelltn upgrade to the Cambium.

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