Day 40 – Goodbye Zanzibar

Today is my last day so I must say farewell and goodbye Zanzibar, it’s been relaxing. An all day beach day today so nothing much to report, breakfast as normal and a nice chat with a German guy who was telling me all about South Africa and particularly how dangerous the townships are. I’m still a little confused as to what a township actually is though? Is it just a town? A slum perhaps? How will I know? Usually when I see any settlement it’s nice to stop for food and water but the way he was explaining things to me regard for human life in these “townships” is non existent, they would shoot you for as little as a cigarette supposedly. I’m struggling to believe him wholeheartedly. If this is true though I am carrying expensive electronics on the front of my bike for all to see which would surely make me a target – right? Anyway that’s a long way off and I’ll just wing it in my normal style and hope for the best I suppose?!

Kite surfers Paje Beach Zanzibar Tanzania
Kite surfers Paje Beach Zanzibar Tanzania

Look Mum – Dry Hair Swimming

I head for the beach soon after breakfast and jump in the sea as an alternative to taking a shower which is the most amazing way to wake up I might add. The wind had dropped off today too so the water was free of the many kites that have usually taken over by this time so I was able to enjoy my morning swim without the need to wear my galvanised steel collar and knights helmet which is an awful strain on my weak neck muscles at the best of times. I swam out into the open water for a hundred metres or so using my very best “Mum’s stroke” as I call it, which is the more conservative form of the classic breast stroke. In my version your head must remain perfectly level with the height of the water as if you’ve just had your hair done and your neck is set in position; the sea must never rise over the underside of your chin at any point. I saw my mother performing this style of swimming stroke many years ago when we were on holiday in France and it’s an elegant style if I do say so myself!  If your thinking of trying said form I’m afraid it’s purely for the gentry and upper class Englanders, and a style that is seemingly genetic rather than that which can be taught. So don’t be upset if you can’t master it!

Hiding from Six Packs

Next I strolled up the beach for a few kilometres until the six packed bastards scared me into a bar to hide my one of six pack stomach from the unimpressed eyes of all of the beautiful ladies I passed. I stayed there for a while watching the ocean and drinking coffee which then completed the cycle of all there is to do in this damn paradise. Now I was forced to enter the second round of island life and jumped back in the sea to exhibit my perfected “mum’s” stroke to all on the beach, I may not have a six pack but watch this you muscle bound commoners, I’m about to display what a true gentleman can do! Go doggy paddle!

Kite Surfing

The kite surfers had found their way to the water by this time so I cut my performance slightly short and sort of wished I could afford to give what looked like a very fun sport a try.  I had already enquired about kite surfing but unfortunately you were required to take a minimum of 5 hours training before you were allowed in the water with the board and of course would need some additional hours to then see what you could do after your course and after asking in several places the minimum cost was 300 euros and out of my price range.  If however you can already kite then they will be happy to rent the gear for $25 an hour and it seems like a great place to do it, or at least it looks good from where I’m standing.

I Want to Ride My Bicycle

I returned to my favourite Delights cafe for some food and more coffee which burnt up a couple more hours before heading back to Teddys for a siesta and even more relaxing, whiling away my final full day in paradise and doing very close to nothing at all except charging my batteries before resuming my place in the saddle. It’s been relaxing but I want to get back and ride my bicycle again. 
It was close to sunset by the time I woke from my comfortable slumber but unfortunately no sunset is visible from the Paje Beach so I took a quick shower, then, donning my trousers to prevent the ankle biting mozzies from tucking into my sweet foreign blood, I joined the few people at the bar and continued to eat and drink beer for the remainder of the evening.
I lasted for a little longer tonight chatting to a Georgian couple – not the era the country – and Italian pair but finally turned in and made my way to my dorm for my final sleep in paradise. Perhaps I will dream about my lonely bike which sits back at the Alizeti Hostel. Goodnight and goodbye Zanzibar.

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