Day 38 – Who could get bored in Paradise

I rose early regardless of my night of excessive alcohol consumption and walked into the sandy floored beach front bar for my complimentary breakfast. I thought to myself that I could never get bored in paradise.

Sunrise Kite Lodge Zanzibar Tanzania
Sunrise Kite Lodge Zanzibar Tanzania

I grabbed a seat on one of the comfy padded chairs with a view of the sea and took in the beautiful scene in front of me waiting patiently for my meal.  The beach at this time was totally empty and a complete contrast from the usual kite surfing Mecca that it becomes on most days, and although it was perhaps a little early I still expected a few of the adrenaline junkies to be out this morning.  I was however really glad that I was the only person up at this hour, apart of course from the few staff starting to prepare the breakfast, I love the solitude of the mornings and was feeling happy as I watched the sun rising higher and higher into the clear blue sky.  I waited for only a short time longer before the food arrived, I seem to be a little over keen this morning with my early arrival and especially after as late a night as old “Grandpa Jay” generally has, but soon enough I was presented with a nice breakfast and a selection of tea and coffee.

New Lodgings

Today I was expected by the New Teddy’s Hostel which was conveniently located about 50 metres from where I had stayed the previous night and after casually packing the few bits I had brought to the island I strolled over to my new accommodation and home for the next few nights.  
Teddy’s wasn’t a beach front hostel but only a very short distance away, and I have to say much nicer than the Kite Lodge that I had moved from, so I was pleased with my recommended choice of new accommodation.  The communal area was quite big, sandy floored, with a variety of hammocks, swing seats, cushioned chairs, and a very chilled atmosphere, and also it was very well kept so once I had checked into my dorm I relaxed for a while in the comfort of the hostel before heading to the beach.

Sitting down is harder than cycling

The remainder of the day was spent with my feet up, eating and drinking, with intermittent swimming breaks in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.  Some would say what a wonderful idyllic paradise I had found myself in, but on the quiet I silently battled with my patience at the prospect of this island life I had subjected myself to. It seems my usually active days in the saddle would inevitably be reduced to ultimate relaxation and at a pace that would seem slow even for a snail, and this I thought is going to take a bit of getting used to. I know that this type of lazy holiday is perfect for many, but being an overexcited child in a 36 year old body I knew that doing absolutely nothing for the next few days was in many ways going to be as hard as the all day cycling sessions I was used to, and in some ways even harder. I never thought it would be possible to be bored in paradise.

Can anybody find me, something to do?

Later in the afternoon when my resolve had shattered into a million pieces I decided to inquire about the chance of some diving to break up the monotony of living in the perfect paradise that was Zanzibar, good thinking Jimbo!
I was advised to visit the school along the beach called Buccaneer Diving and although there was only one other option of dive school to choose from the guys in here had a great sense of humour and didn’t seem to be put off by my usual idiotic banter so I decided that I would join them tomorrow for two dives and sample the Zanzibarian coral that I had heard so much about. Great, operation-chill-out-completely lasted for about an hour and a half, but I was over the moon with my decision; well done boredom averted!

Kite surfers Paje Beach Zanzibar Tanzania
Kite surfers Paje Beach Zanzibar Tanzania

Later in the evening I took some food at the bar of my hostel and I think tonight we broke the all time record for slowest meal ever and it must have been a good 2-3 hours before my chicken wrap was delivered, I mean cooked to order is one thing but actually hunting down the chicken, killing and preparing it was taking it a little too far I thought?!  Ha, well it wasn’t that bad and apart from the odd groan from my stomach I enjoyed a few beers whilst chatting with the other guests and the long wait wasn’t as painful as you would have thought. The funny thing was that the 3 hour preparations were hardly worth the 3 minutes it took for me to eat it and actually by the time my food arrived I sort of needed more but I daren’t order anything else now or I would be here all night! Perhaps tomorrow I will try somewhere else for dinner?!

Tonight I took a fairly early night as tomorrow’s dives were to commence at 9am so I wished everyone a good night and headed to my bed.

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