Day 55 – Lake Malawi

Today was spent in lakeside paradise doing the grand sum of bugger all, ahhhhhh perfect!  I mean there is lots I COULD do such as dive, rent a kayak, take a boat trip, snorkel, pick the litter out of the lake, but I could also sit on my lazy and now incredibly bony arse and do nothing instead so it’s the latter that wins the vote unanimously for today.  Yaaayyyy!!

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I did though manage to do something productive by borrowing the staff laptop so I could transfer all of my photos to my hard drive, which was definitely very handy as I was about to run out of SD card space, but that had been the height of excitement im afraid.

British Rugby Lads

There weren’t many guests to talk with other than a large group of young British rugby trainers that are hell bent on drinking Malawi dry and from what I can tell have not stopped necking alcohol since I arrived yesterday morning.  I mean I’m not complaining as they have been fairly good considering the quantity of beer and cheap Malawian spirits that is being consumed but they are the type that don’t want to integrate with anyone else so both socialising and relaxing seem to be off of the cards in the main.  That’s ok with me though as apart from sitting down in front of the national geographic channel and watching programs about African wildlife that are terrifying I also needed to clean my bike so I get on with that for a little while, before resuming my position on one of the sofas with a nice pint of coffee and a crappy film.

In the evening I went for a few beers with Nate who keeps insisting that I don’t pay for anything which is completely appreciated and very sweet but he keeps telling me it’s on the hostel and not to worry, sounds good to me in that case keep em coming matey boy!

After a number of free beers I sampled the fruits of lake by means of a fish dinner and then began to school a group of Malawians on how to play pool.  I don’t know what they put in the fish but I couldn’t stop potting all the balls and after half a dozen consecutive wins I decided to let the others have a go and turn in for the night.

Oh the sunset here is lovely by the way, if fact possibly the best in Malawi I have seen so far.  Just lovely!  Nighty nite!

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