Day 51 – Eric Recommends

A day spent relaxing in the beautiful Nkhata Bay today filled with lovely Mzuzu coffee, paddle boarding, swimming, lots of sitting down, and some funny conversations with my new Dutch friend Eric who had been a member of Gary’s drinking party from the night before.  Eric had been riding his scooter through several parts of east Africa and was headed down as far as Namibia before his return to Holland, and during our conversation I realised that he had been virtually everywhere!  It was actually really helpful to talk with him about Malawi and the countries ahead of me and as a result I have now decided to alter my course slightly choosing to ride slightly further south in Malawi via Cape Mclear, Zomba, and Blantyre before heading to Zimbabwe via a brief 2-3 days dash across Mosambique’s north western corner.  Much more logical and no need to retrace my steps which would have been inevitable had I chosen to pass into Zambia after exploring the southern regions of Malawi.

More lounging around and another swim brought me close to the sunset which I enjoyed in part during my now most favourite shower ever, what a great idea it was to make an outdoor shower that allowed its occupant a stunning view of the lake whilst still retaining their privacy, well apart from the monkeys in the trees overhead of course and the numerous colourful lizards crawling all over the place, but excluding the wildlife your decency remained in tact, simply amazing!

Early Bedtime

I joined my fellow guests for dinner and excused myself early tonight as I didn’t fancy a repeat of yesterday especially seeing as I had decided to push on tomorrow.

In all honesty I could have stayed here for another day or two but I got the feeling that the longer I put off the inevitable the harder it would be to continue so I returned to my chalet for a final night in the Mayoka Village Lodge.

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