Day 47 – Lake Malawi

A rest day today and it feels wonderful!  I do however sadistically drag myself out of bed before sunrise so I can go out to the beach hut beside Lake Malawi to watch it in all of its glory, so donning my trousers and jumper I begin my bleary eyed stumble across the sand towards the water.

Sunrise at Lake Malawi
Sun about to rise at Lake Malawi

It was a bit chilly out at this hour so I was glad of the warm clothes and as expected the wind was blowing away happily hoping to find a cyclist to annoy, but smiling inwardly to myself I knew that me and my bike were off of the roster for today, yipeeee!

I sat for a good hour watching the sky change colour before my eyes, and when the glowing disc eventually appeared on the horizon it was a stunning blood orange red and I gazed upon it with awe watching it pass partially through the low cloud that lay like a small blanket draped on top of the water and which did nothing but make this wondrous cycle of nature even more spectacular.

Sunrise at Lake Malawi
Sunrise at Lake Malawi

I have to say it’s really worth the mental torture of prising yourself from the warmth of a cozy bed to view these fleeting moments and today was no exception.

After the sun had risen high enough to take on its normal form of blinding yellow, I walked across to see Charles who was the guy working this morning and ordered a pot of fresh coffee before returning to my beach side hut to start the long slog of catching up on my blog posts.

A Well Earned Rest

I remained in Willies open sided, thatched, waterfront outbuilding for most of the day today, with a steady flow of food and coffee provided by the very attentive Charles, and it was just what I needed after the gruelling ride from the day before.  I was however struggling with the writing a little and it was certainly not coming naturally today, not that I would ever call my attempts and stringing a few sentences together “natural”, but I did manage to get a little bit done which I suppose was better than nothing?!  I spent the rest of my time out there next to Lake Malawi simply watching the water and the fishermen as they floated past in their small boats hoping to catch enough to make a meagre living, but I wondered to myself how much of this place I could stand?  I mean it was lovely out here, picturesque, and peaceful but I’m not sure I would like to swap my life with old Willies quite yet?  I was filled with a feeling of a pending loneliness that was sure to catch up to a person out here, and although I was enjoying the relaxation for today my initial thoughts of staying another night were beginning to shift and I had an overwhelming thought that if I didn’t move on soon perhaps the Hakuna Matata lodge would hold me prisoner forever?!  I thought of Willie out here all alone who no longer talked to his brothers and had parted from his wife, and although he had said he was happy he certainly didn’t look like the epitome of this self professed emotion and sadly I saw nothing more than a shrunken, lonely, and wrinkled old man who the world had forgotten.  Quite sad actually when you think about it but maybe I’m wrong?  I hope so.

“I really have to get out of here in the morning” I thought to myself…

Hakuna Matata Lodge Chitimba Malawi
Hakuna Matata Lodge Chitimba Malawi

Later in the afternoon I decided to clean my bike which was certainly necessary but more for the want of a change of pace than anything else. Surprisingly enough I also remembered to tighten the few bolts that always seem to work themselves loose, and I was pleased at what a good little bike mechanic I was becoming.  Good boy James!

She Has a Name, She’s is Saffron

Once I was happy that “Saffron” was clean, oh yes the bike has finally been named, and actually this name had been here all along I was just yet to write it down.  Anyway once I was happy that her running gear was in tip top condition for tomorrow I joined Willie in the dining area for a spot of dinner and a chat.  Now I don’t want to paint a totally dark picture of old Willie boy as he was a nice enough guy and I enjoyed listening to his wealth of crazy experiences he’d had over his lifetime.  The tales of his younger days when he used to travel all over the world, and I’m talking in the 60’s and 70’s here, where the world was very different and where the modern day “backpackers” that can now be found in all corners of the world were yet to come into existence.  I was quite jealous of some of his stories actually and most of the far off countries that he had fought to visit (where even getting there was an adventure in itself) had NEVER seen a foreign person and many who didn’t realise that these white skinned devils even existed.  Very cool indeed, and from the way Willie told it the world was a much safer place back then which could just be a generation thing but either way sounded good to me.

I hit the hay fairly early and after eating I wished Willie a goodnight and took to my bed.

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