Luxor to Cairo and now I’m going backwards…

Train ticket booked this morning and I’m all set to head back to the capital in order to get the cheapest flight available to my next destination Addis Ababa and the brand new, second time, first, last starting point of this trip!! I never thought I would be going back up the country from Luxor to Cairo but travelling always presents surprises.  

I would have preferred to fly from Luxor but seeing as my wallet has taken an early pounding (or perhaps de-pounding would be a more appropriate) I am happy to compromise on my time rather than retain this financial frivolity that has been occurring over the past few days and so I gladly (well…) take the 10hr train ride back to Cairo.  From there I fly onward to Ethiopia as the flights are at much less pocket breaking prices and with much fewer connections.  I therefore depart the wonderful Susanna Hotel in Luxor, wave farewell to the extremely helpful and cheery staff and embark upon no doubt a beautiful train journey back up the Nile.  I have to admit if the beautiful receptionist lady looks into my eyes any longer I may be forced to stay against my will anyway so it’s really time to leave!  I think that retracing my 400 odd miles back through the country will be mildly heart breaking seeing as I laboured out in this ridiculous heat alongside my pushy entourage but I will just have to get over that now won’t I?!  Well at the very least I’m not going to forget the Egyptian leg of this trip in a hurry that’s for sure!

Being a man devoid of patience I am very keen on getting onto Ethiopia and beginning this voyage for real this time but at least I will get to watch the England team play in their semi final match against Croatia before I depart on Friday, now that’s something to look forward too isn’t it, COME ON BOYS!!!! (I’m not even into football either so it is possible the Sahara and heat exhaustion may have had an effect on my brain after all….I actually read something on FB that said “England will bring home the cup but they will have no cabinet” which made me chuckle, ahhhhhhh simple things).  I tell you what if you guys go and bring the cup home I’ll try my best to get this thing done in return!  I’m actually so proud of my native land right now regardless of the silly governmental games that are going on, they have made a proud Brit of me and the support from the locals here is actually astounding, I’ve been congratulated so much over our World Cup success that I’m starting to feel like one of the team myself!

Ok so the taxi has just pulled up and it’s time to leave, I’ll try another post before my departure and thanks again everyone for tuning in to “James’ almost cycles through Africa!”.

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