Day 17 – Nairobi, Kenya

I had promised myself a rest day today and it is just what I need.  I’ve got the beginnings of a sore throat but I’m trying my best to fight it so I am not going to go crazy today, I still want to look around the city a little though and a walk will probably do me good anyway, especially in the fresh smoggy air of the city so that’s what I will do!  I also wanted to find out about a potential safari to the Masai Mara seeing as I have heard that the animals are currently migrating to Kenya from the Serengeti and it is one of the best times of the year to visit that area.  Yet again my research-less wanderings have presented something good, lucky James.

Kenya Budget Safari's - James Taylor goes on Safari
Kenya Budget Safari’s

I took a walk after I had sorted out the business for the day and found that the centre of Nairobi was more modern than I was expecting (don’t get over excited it isn’t super modern but just more than I had experienced on the ride in).  After I had walked and talked and breathed in the city I found a really nice coffee shop and relaxed for an hour or two.  Once the caffeine had worn off however I started to feel my sensitive throat again so I made a quick stop off at the supermarket and headed back to the hotel.  I slept for a while and drank lots of water and I’m just about keeping the soreness at bay for now.  Oh they also have a computer here so I managed to transfer all of my GoPro data to my hard drive and have empty SD cards for the safari not that the GoPro is an ideal camera for capturing anything at distance but it’s there if I need it.
Right time for bed and a good nights sleep for my tour tomorrow!

I’ve just realised my clothes needed washing…..oh dear poor people on my tour…😵

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