Day 5 – Southern Ethiopia – Yabelo

Stopped for tea and bread on the outskirts of Bule hora

Dark and ominous clouds to start

James Taylor setting off into the rain Southern Ethiopia Yabelo
The sky is brooding

Followed by three kids with bubble wrapped bikes which was funny.  I pleaded with them to take off the bubbles and enjoy the beautiful paintwork but they weren’t having any of it.  These were the nicest bikes I’ve seen so far and as well as gears even have disc brakes!

Entered my first seemingly less populated and even camp-worthy part of Ethiopia to date.

It rained and I got wet but only for a couple of hours.

Saw two largish monkeys cross the road and felt a bit scared.  I don’t like monkeys much they feel unpredictable, especially big ones that could take me out pretty easily.

Stopped for coffee and the sugary milk coffee mix – nice people.

Stopped raining and I entered the termite land, thousands of termite towers as far as the eye can see.

Much more rural/uninhabited and it was nice to have time with just me and the scenery without the noisy people.

Stomach ache most of the day, think it’s gas but it won’t come out.

Cold sore grrrrrr!  I got my first one in Mexico on my last trip and I think this is my third one ever but it’s uncomfortable and annoying.

Arrived in Yabelo.

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