Day 3 from Addis Ababa

I woke again rather lacklustre and reluctant to ride but less so than the previous morning. I also had running water in this hotel in Addis Ababa so after a surprisingly warm shower I got packed up and hit the road.

Today was a much more positive start and seeing as I’m in this thing whether I like it or not I decide to try and change my outlook on Ethiopian riding and look for the good in my situation, there is some…just wait a minute….ummmmm…..ok pass can I come back to that question please? 😄.

People Are Lovely

In all seriousness people are very friendly and bar the children I get nothing but good vibes from all, I normally prefer kids to adults as their mental capacity is similar to my own but I’m vibing with the adults much more this time and to my absolute appreciation to them they seem to protect me from the onslaught of these little devils whenever they are present, unfortunately this is far from all of the time but even a little protection is appreciated at this point, especially seeing as I’ve decided to stop throwing stones at them in retaliation….I think?!

Weather Report

The heavens were looking ominous all day today and at one point it started to rain but only a little and for the most part I felt grateful that it had remained dry up until now, the roads turned bad too pretty early on which was another reason why I was so appreciative of the lack of rain in this Ethiopian rainy season.  It was slow going and much hillier than my previous two days on the road but the scenery was absolutely beautiful.  I think that once I found myself in the mountains I was keen on changing my outlook on this whole ordeal, I began to become happier, I’ve decided that I must look at all of the attention as if I am some famous cycling god and not to be annoyed but rather grateful of my keen following and happy that my fan base has stretched as far as the African nations, how lucky I am!  Or maybe just stupid but it’s kind of working so I’m going with it.

James Taylor in Addis Ababa

I Feel Like Crying

By about 4:30pm and no matter how much I’m trying to turn a corner here I decide that I’ve had enough, I feel strong and ready for anything in the mornings but come the afternoon and after hours of battling with the cute little adorable kiddlywinks I feel drained and ready to retire.  Not forever of course….but….well…just for now.

I was sort of aiming for a city called Dilla as I’ve given up on trying to camp for the time being and it’s the only place to take a hotel that I am likely to arrive in during the daytime so I happily check in to another hotel and even got a chance to go out for a spot of dinner rather than the usual, arrive, pay, put stuff on charge, annnnnd collapse!

Easy Rider

The days have become easy in terms of riding as I am forced to aim for town or cities with hotels and so my daily milage has dropped to around 60 miles which is a little upsetting as I generally prefer to ride further but after all is said and done I can take it easy on myself from time to time so I am happy with this regime for now.

My First Wild African Animal

I forgot to add that I was riding through a town today and seeing road kill is an unfortunate regularity when on these adventures, but what I came across is what I thought was a huge dog on the side of the road but as I passed it was a bloody dead hyena!  So maybe earlier when the little boy warned me against wild camping on my first night because of these large and slightly sinister looking creatures lurking in the night he was right?! Yet again TIA!!! 😵 Oh and there may also have been a dead child the day prior as he was sprawled out not moving and surrounded by a host of lorry drivers that had pulled up next to him.  I was going to see if there was something I could do but let’s be honest my first aid kit that consists of a few plasters, one small bandage, and some Savalon was far from useful to the poor little guy.  😢

2 Replies to “Day 3 from Addis Ababa”

  1. I suspect the little boy was the one you threw a stone at the day before lol. Keep up with the diary mate, i enjoy reading of your exploits. Take care Rob

    1. Haha thanks Rob, I’m in Kenya now and really starting to enjoy myself, some of the riding has been pretty tough but I think I’m pretty much acclimatised to the daily exersions and more importantly the huge culture change. I’m managing to keep fairly regular diary posts with the help of a good friend back home and will try my best at keeping them coming. The internet is sparse but it’s kind of working so far. Glad you’re enjoying it and thanks for reading!

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