Egyptian police – a blessing in disguise?

Good morning to the readers of J’s planless escapades through Africa. I have a non essential but slightly humorous update for you all.

freedom-hostel Cairo Egypt

I was sat at breakfast today in Cairo at the wonderful Freedom Hostel after arriving only moments before from Luxor via my 1st class (well it said 1st class on the ticket but I’m not sure they know what that actually means in English…) train ride back to the Capital and I discovered some interesting news. Not that it matters at this point as my plans have changed somewhat. It turns out that HAD I suffered the strict Egyptian and Sudanese police sponsored cycling regime, I would have come un-stuck at the Ethiopian border as it is currently closed due to conflicts in the area.

I find this funny and quietly reassuring as I have already booked my ticket to Addis Ababa. Which as it turns out, was 100% the correct choice. For a brief while there I was even considering a flight to Khartoum. Then to attempt a ride from the Sudanese capital to the Ethiopian border. I would have been thwarted on my arrival, if indeed an arrival it would have been?  Decision Ethiopia correct, well done James!

My usual lack of knowledge on current affairs is prospering as always it seems and I can only advise people doing this sort of thing to DO YOUR RESEARCH before you attempt such an adventure.  I however will be boycotting this advice no matter how salient it surely is as my brain in unable to find the botheredness to fulfil such a worthwhile task, my logical brain is sure that it IS something to be considered and SHOULD be present on the important list, right next to putting Vaseline on my arsehole, but that’s not happening either (Surya shut up!).

So I sit here with a shisha in one hand and an Egyptian coffee in the other silently beaming at my fortune and happy that my indirect decision to avoid Sudan was the right one!  It’s funny how things turn out and I seem to have natural luck in these sorts of things making important and danger avoiding decisions without realising what I’m doing. Ahhhhh, ignorance is bliss as they say!! I mean, I never was good at doing my homework at school (sorry Mr Haylock), and this time my expertise in such has proven effective.

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