Anker Power Port Solar (2 panels)

This is a great item in my option and when combined with my RavPower power bank I am yet to have any problems keeping my variety of devices charged. Considering I have repeatedly been out in the wild for weeks on end, with no other means of powering up my devices, this Anker Power Port Solar panel system with a power bank means I’ve always got a plantiful supply of power for my often crucial devices (GPS comes to mind). It’s a damn good option in my opinion!

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RavPower Ace 22,000mAh Power Bank

RavPower Ace-22000 Power Bank Review - One Man and a Bike

This is a great product and the second power bank of this brand that I have purchased.  I was extremely happy with the quality and performance of this product during my last trip and along with the Anker solar panel, that I will review in another post, I was able to keep my Garmin GPS, GoPro Hero2, and iPod touch 5th Gen powered up at all times. On my last adventure that lasted over a year, which at least 90% of it was spent in the wild with no conventional power outlet available, my 16,000mah RavPower power bank satisfied all of my requirements. Here are a few points to consider;

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Brooks Flyer Aged

Brooks Flyer Aged - My comfy bum says thanks Brooks!

This is a clear favourite of mine and being that I am now fully certified as a bottom sore touring cyclist, having pedalled thousands upon thousands of miles over hundreds of hours in the saddle I am very happy with this famous Brooks product based on the flagship B17.  This one however is sprung for that extra bit of comfort when tackling rough bumpy terrain and as any touring cyclist will know its inevitable that at some point or another you will be forced, or perhaps even willingly, need to traverse the washboard, stone ridden, dirt tracks that other saddles would otherwise render your butt checks raw and tender to the touch!

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GoPro Hero 6

Come on guys it’s a GoPro you know you need one it’s the best of its type, sure there are cheaper alternatives but it’s just not quite the same on playback is it?!  I’ve tried most of the small action cameras now and this brand and particularly this model has proven to be better in virtually all aspects.  The quality is great and fully adjustable if you want to maximise memory card space the auto stabilisation is something that for me is its best quality as I am often on bumpy roads and when I playback my footage it is often hardly noticeable. 

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