Day 22 – From Kenya into Tanzania

Welcome to Tanzania James Taylor

My eyes opened at around 3am today and I drifted in and out of sleep for the next few hours constantly turning and rolling in an attempt to find a comfortable position.  This magical grass was proving to be much less commodious than it had looked on the previous evening and all in all I would rate the sleepability level at -15 and the feeling of being rested and rejuvenated at -74, I just hope at very least my hair has grown during the night?!

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Day 20 – Maasai Mara Bush Skills

The Maasai Tribe Maasai Mare Kenya

Another comfy baboon free sleep although I could hear them in the trees during the night, and the increasingly annoying Tomek and his girlfriend Moni from Germany (haha only kidding Tomek you were my favourite really…..or were you?! 😜😎) supposedly had to ward one off from entering our other group mate Chris’ tent the evening prior, so they were happy enough to enter the proximity of humans without fear, cheeky blighters but regardless of this my night remained monkey free.

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Day 17 – Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya Budget Safari's - James Taylor goes on Safari

I had promised myself a rest day today and it is just what I need.  I’ve got the beginnings of a sore throat but I’m trying my best to fight it so I am not going to go crazy today, I still want to look around the city a little though and a walk will probably do me good anyway, especially in the fresh smoggy air of the city so that’s what I will do!  I also wanted to find out about a potential safari to the Masai Mara seeing as I have heard that the animals are currently migrating to Kenya from the Serengeti and it is one of the best times of the year to visit that area.  Yet again my research-less wanderings have presented something good, lucky James.

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