Day 6 – to Mega

Termite Mounds, Camel and Mud Huts James Taylor Mega Ethiopia

Not massively eventful today, I rose at around 7am and by the time I was ready to head out it was probably closer to 8.  I stopped in the usual roadside wooden kiosk for a “macchiato” as they call it here, which is a milk and coffee mix but the sugar to liquid ratio is bordering on ridiculous!  I tried my best at giving my fellow patrons a laugh before my departure and attempted to spoon some of the sugar that was yet to dissolve back out of my glass, it seems my silly antics produced the desired affect as the cold workers that were preparing for their busy days roared with laughter, operation James make a fool of himself was a success!

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Day 4 – Southern Ethiopia – to Bule Hora

James Taylor Bike stop in the hills Southern Ethiopia

I had a lovely dream last night and was reluctant to wake but when I did finally prise my eyes open for the final time it took no more than a moment until a stark realisation of where I was and what a seemingly mammoth task laid in front of me, fear, hate of robbing children, unwillingness, well at least one of those things but it’s more than possible all of them engulfed my thoughts…Haha well it’s not all that bad and once I washed, got my gear ready and set out the world seemed pretty good after all!

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Day 3 from Addis Ababa

I woke again rather lacklustre and reluctant to ride but less so than the previous morning. I also had running water in this hotel in Addis Ababa so after a surprisingly warm shower I got packed up and hit the road.

Today was a much more positive start and seeing as I’m in this thing whether I like it or not I decide to try and change my outlook on Ethiopian riding and look for the good in my situation, there is some…just wait a minute….ummmmm…..ok pass can I come back to that question please? 😄.

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