Luxor to Cairo and now I’m going backwards…

Train ticket booked this morning and I’m all set to head back to the capital in order to get the cheapest flight available to my next destination Addis Ababa and the brand new, second time, first, last starting point of this trip!! I never thought I would be going back up the country from Luxor to Cairo but travelling always presents surprises.   Continue reading “Luxor to Cairo and now I’m going backwards…”

False start…bang, bang, poof!


Ok my friends I arrived here in Luxor on the 6th of July and have been lingering like a bad smell much like the aroma of rubbish, sweat, and urine that is emanating from the streets around my hotel and what fills my nostrils as I write this post.  The stifling 40 degree plus heat doesn’t make it much better but the almost unrivalled Egyptian hospitality fills me with more warmth than that of this almost unbearable and unrelenting sunshine (fine if you are a lizard but not so great when you are pedalling all day).

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