Day 56 – Monkey Bay today?

I have decided to leave today rather than staying an extra night as I had originally been considering on my way down here.  I think if the water was less dirty I probably would have stayed but the prospect of swimming amongst the empty wrappers and plastic bags is far from appealing.  The main purpose of my trip to “Cape not quite as Mclear as I had been expecting” was to enjoy the beautiful parasite infected lake one last time, but unfortunately my dream of that had been shattered after only thirty seconds of swimming.

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Day 55 – Lake Malawi

Funky Cichlid Hostel - Lake Malawi Africa

Today was spent in lakeside paradise doing the grand sum of bugger all, ahhhhhh perfect!  I mean there is lots I COULD do such as dive, rent a kayak, take a boat trip, snorkel, pick the litter out of the lake, but I could also sit on my lazy and now incredibly bony arse and do nothing instead so it’s the latter that wins the vote unanimously for today.  Yaaayyyy!!

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Day 51 – Eric Recommends

Balcony view Nkhata Bay Lake Malawi

A day spent relaxing in the beautiful Nkhata Bay today filled with lovely Mzuzu coffee, paddle boarding, swimming, lots of sitting down, and some funny conversations with my new Dutch friend Eric who had been a member of Gary’s drinking party from the night before.  Eric had been riding his scooter through several parts of east Africa and was headed down as far as Namibia before his return to Holland, and during our conversation I realised that he had been virtually everywhere!  It was actually really helpful to talk with him about Malawi and the countries ahead of me and as a result I have now decided to alter my course slightly choosing to ride slightly further south in Malawi via Cape Mclear, Zomba, and Blantyre before heading to Zimbabwe via a brief 2-3 days dash across Mosambique’s north western corner.  Much more logical and no need to retrace my steps which would have been inevitable had I chosen to pass into Zambia after exploring the southern regions of Malawi.

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